Friday, 2 November 2007

L2W Firework Poems

The Firework by Cameron

whooshing in the sky
sparkling in the sky
whizzing round and round
flying very high

The Firework by Jamie

whooshing, fizzing, it's booming
swhooshing, it's crackling
sparkling, it's trailing colour
it's beautiful

The Firework by James

A sparkling firework
up, up it goes in the sky
crackling and booming
an explosion of colour.


Mrs Tonner said...

What wonderful poems boys. Your describing words gave the feeling of fireworks whizzing in the sky. Did you enjoy the fireworks last night? What was your favourite firework? I liked the bangers the best that exploded high in the sky.

High School Dundee said...

Thank you very much. We liked the sparklers that you hold.

Anonymous said...

Those poems are very good. I wouldn't been able to make up poems like those even though I am in L4!!