Monday, 4 February 2008

Hannah tells us a story........

Deep down in the South Pole lived some penguins with their chicks.
One chick didn't have a dad and was all alone and his name was Leo.
Leo was looking all over the place for a dad and then finally he found
Melvin, Leo's dad. Melvin fed Leo and then Leo was full up again and after
that Leo went and played with his friends. His friends were called Otto,
Mumble Eric and Gabriella. they were playing hide and slide. It was a bit
like hide and seek but when you have been seen you toboggan on the ice!!!
So they were playing on there own when a big leoperd seal came, Leo knew
that it was a leopard seal by its teeth. Otto nearly got bitten by the leopard
seal, but it was only a pup so Melvin scared it away. Leo then thught to play a game that you have to scare each other. Eric liked the sound of that game. In a while the mummy penguins came back from sea and fed the chicks. Leo found Gloria to feed him then went off and played.