Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Listen to our Halloween fun in ICT

Listen to the fun we had in ICT with Mrs Tonner making our Halloween vokis.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Hannah and Fluffy the Rabbit

After school me and Fluffy played with my other toys
The next day me and Fluffy went to ballet, but Fluffy wasn't good at ballet!
Me and Fluffy went to drop Mariam off at choir. Fluffy liked looking at the children singing.
Me and Fluffy went home and watched t.v. We watched Basil Brush.
Me and Fluffy played at after school care. Fluffy didn't want a biscuit. She didn't like them!
On Saterday me and Fluffy went to Lucie's house we had great fun.
Me, Mummy, Mariam and Dara went to the cinema we watched stardust it was great.

Laura tells us a spooky story..............

Once upon a time there lived a wich. She wanted to make frog soup. But she didn't have a frog. So she told her cat to find one. When the cat came back it didn't have a frog. Instead it had a dog. But the wich said " don't bother with that. I need a frog."So the cat went out again. This time it came back with a log. Don't bother with that I need a frog! So the cat went out again. This time the wich was very annoyed. When the cat came back it had a frog. Now I can make frog soup. So the wich made frog soup.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Mia and Ailsa tell us about Art this week

In art this week we made Autumn Tree pictures. We used brown craons and shinay papar for the leves. We in joyd it.

We are just getting started.........

Welcome to the L2W class blog! On this blog we will be telling you about all of the exciting things that we have been getting up to.